Benefits of yeast for health

You’ve probably ever heard that another brewer’s yeast but surely don’t know that brewer’s yeast has numerous health benefits and is therefore very important that you incorporate into your daily diet. Although often it used to make different types of beers or bread, in recent years is often used as food supplement thanks to its many excellent properties.

Then I’ll tell you in more detail what the benefits of yeast health and why it is important that you incorporate your regular diet.

benefits of yeast

Properties of brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a food that stands out for countless properties you need to know as soon as possible. Yeast is rich in high quality protein as per 100 grams of the same there 8 grams of protein. Moreover it is an excellent source of B vitamins and minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, calcium or magnesium. In addition, it is a perfect food for pregnant women because the yeast is rich in folic acid. As you can see, there are many properties that have the wonderful yeast. Continue reading Benefits of yeast for health

How to relieve back pain

It is very normal for much of the population has ever had in your life an episode of back pain. This pain occurs in the lower back can be mild to become quite intense and cause the person cannot even walk. Low back pain is often caused in most cases by a muscle injury that can be provoked by a sudden movement or because of poor posture while sitting.

In the event that the health problem is not very serious and concerned a mild or normal back pain, there are a number of really effective home remedies that can help you improve your health and well treat to relieve back pain.

Apply a compress

If you have severe pain because of low back pain, you can apply a compress hot or cold on the affected area. The advice from the experts is to use some ice during the first two days and thus avoid that area can inflame account. Then it is good to apply some heat to relax the entire part affected by low back pain. With this remedy you will get that back pain will disappear gradually.

Keep active

Although most people think they have to complete rest if low back pain suffers are somewhat wrong way. During the first hours must avoid doing some physical exercise to avoid aggravating all the painful area but after a few hours and when swelling has gone down, it is good to stay active and not be lying.

Sleep in a fetal position

When going to bed to sleep, it is important to be placed in a way to avoid suffering pain and aggravate back pain itself. The best way to do this is in a fetal position because this way you relax the muscles and rebates possible pain caused by back pain.

Massaging the area

Another very effective way to relieve the pain caused by back pain is to perform a series of massages in the inflamed area. For greater efficiency, it is advisable that such massage carried out by a specialist to take much less pain disappear.

Physical activity

Having suitably rested for the swelling does not get worse; you can start making some kind of light activity such as walking or riding. Avoid all lifting any weight because you could worsen back pain own time. This activity will help activate and improve the damaged area of the painful lumbago.

Other alternatives

If you do not like traditional medicine because you think it is not beneficial and effective for the body, you can opt for other equally natural alternatives effective and much healthier than the medicine of life, such as the case of acupuncture or osteopathy.

I hope you’ve taken very good note and did not lose detail of all these tips so easy and practical and get to say goodbye to the annoying and uncomfortable back pain. In the event that the pain is quite intense and not get finished with it, it is very important that you go to a specialist to help you end up with back pain as soon as possible and thus to fully recover. Do not forget to be careful when taking some weight and warm up properly before doing some physical exercise.

Learn How to Care for Dry Skin

With the cold season approaching fast, the care of dry skin can become more difficult. When temperatures drop, also the humidity levels, do you leaving the seat and feel of skin tight extra dry. Here are some tips on how to protect your skin and keep it healthy during the colder months of the year, as well as tips on how to care for your skin, if it is already dry and irritated.

Use mild facial cleansers

Avoid harsh cleaning products that contain fragrances, sulfates or alcohol and opt for a mild cleanser that has moisturizing properties. Harsh cleansers can upset the pH balance of the skin and cause dryness and irritation. No cleaning product that makes your skin feel “squeaky” clean is probably too hard. If you wear makeup, changing facial wipes with cleaning oil.

dry skin care tips

Change to a facial oil

Instead of using a moisturizer is a face oil, water-based. After cleaning your face, while the skin is still damp, dispense with some 3-5 drops of oil in the palm of your hands and then with a gentle slap on the skin. facial oils offer the benefit of skin conditioning, keeping it hydrated and protecting against wind and cold air sealing moisture.


Exfoliation is very important, as it helps to remove dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal of skin. On the other hand, a layer of dead skin cells will not allow the oil to penetrate to face the skin depth. However, especially when the skin is dry, it is important to use a soft, not too much product. Instead of using a physical exfoliant, which may aggravate the skin if it is already irritated with time, use a mild chemical exfoliant products, such as fruit-based masks such as pumpkin and papaya enzymes that work well for this purpose.

dry skin and irritated calm

If the dry and irritated skin, look for products that contain key ingredients with emollient and moisturizing properties. emollient ingredients soften and condition the skin while moisturizing ingredients help retain moisture and protect from environmental stressors, such as cold, dry air. Examples of emollient ingredients are vegetable oils, shortenings such as cocoa, shea, mango and lanolin. Glycerin, aloe and honey are examples of moisturizing ingredients. Here are three of the most common examples of skin discomfort that may arise during the cold seasons:

Redness around the nose: swells the skin around the nose, as often occurs when a cold, wash it with a mild cleanser and then apply a rich balm as night treatment (such as Weleda cream or balm Metta) face.

chapped lips: not only cracked or chapped lips are not very visually appealing, but also terribly uncomfortable. Apply enough lip balm all day and every night before bed until her lips were healed. Avoid lip with essences, which can only worsen the irritation. Try Waxelene or Henné Organics Cocoa Crema.

chapped hands: cold air, dry

wash your hands frequently can make your hands to CHAP and dry. It is not only a cause of great discomfort, but also completely defeat the purpose of washing hands, as the injured skin can not protect us from disease. apply a hand cream with diligence can help prevent dryness, but if your hands are still very dry and cracked, use a thick balm containing shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax.

Here are some things you can do to keep your skin healthy and hydrated during the winter:

Drink plenty of water. If you do not feel thirsty and fight
taking in plenty of fluids, try drinking tea, sweetened with a little raw honey. the dehydrated skin cells have a slower rate of rotation, resulting in skin and fine lines are more noticeable.
Eat soups, homemade soups and a lot of local seasonal produce to supply your body with protection and extra fluids
Use a humidifier. out of the cold air is already drying so it is
You may want to use a humidifier at home to help your skin stay hydrated.

Home remedies to prevent stomach heaviness

Today there are many people who have serious problems when digesting food, especially due to bad habits regarding food. Among the most common symptoms usually occur stomach heaviness, heartburn or annoying gases.

To avoid these problems digestive type, there are a number of home remedies that you can follow and end in this way with such heaviness in the stomach.

stomach heaviness

Causes of bloating

Normally poor digestion in the stomach due to the type of food eaten since being heavy and heavy causes the entire digestive process is slow. In addition, there is another set of causes that can result in the person such problems in the stomach. One can refer to some kind of disease in the digestive tract such as gastric ulcers. Continue reading Home remedies to prevent stomach heaviness

How to relieve muscle cramps

Surely you’ve ever had in your life a muscle cramps and you had to suffer and suffer intense pain. Despite what you may believe a large number of people, muscle cramps are not exclusive to athletes and can suffer any person who is dehydrated, have lack of minerals in your body or that is long in a certain position without moving.

Are also quite frequent these cramps when the person is sleeping and resting in his bed because he has done during the day some type of physical overexertion. Then I will show you some tips and really effective guidelines to help soothe muscle cramps and end with them.

relieve muscle cramps

Drink plenty of fluids

In the event that you suffer muscle cramps while you’re doing a physical activity specifically, you must stop quickly and drink plenty of water to hydrate the body after excessive loss of minerals that you have suffered. Then, it is important to rest for a day so that the muscle can fully recover from the sustained effort and not have problems with pain. In the event that no rest, and decide to follow, you could suffer a serious injury that would force you to stand for a number of days. Continue reading How to relieve muscle cramps

Benefits of yoga: Doing yoga can change your DNA to make you healthier, science proves it

What is the first thing you think of when you ask about the benefits of yoga? Surely that helps eliminate stress and even to put your body in shape, and is correct. However, it is not only good practice will leave you in life.

And it is that according to a recent study by Harvard University, practicing yoga positively changes the cellular metabolic functions. In other words, it improves the way the body absorbs and uses nutrients.

dna benefits of yoga

Longer life

The researchers recruited two groups of participants, one conscious yoga practitioners and the other people who did not perform. After eight weeks, they took blood samples from everyone involved to analyze changes. Continue reading Benefits of yoga: Doing yoga can change your DNA to make you healthier, science proves it

8 tips to regulate blood pressure so NATURAL

The high blood pressure is a silent murderer. Although it does not cause symptoms, it increases the risk of major causes of death such as a heart attack or stroke and aneurysms, cognitive impairment and kidney failure. So, should help our body to naturally regulate blood pressure.

1. Maintain a healthy weight

Did you know that weight is one of the most important factors in maintaining blood pressure within normal limits? So if you suffer from high blood pressure, take care of yourself in meals and exercise to keep your weight at a healthy level.

regulate blood pressure

2. Exercise

All you need to stay active is a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

3. Reduce salt

In addition to reducing salt you add to food, beware of processed foods, as most of the foods that are packaged contain large amounts of salt. Continue reading 8 tips to regulate blood pressure so NATURAL

Ginger health benefits, and know them all?

Ginger is a root of oriental origin, which is grown mainly in China, although India is also a regular food and its use is spreading increasingly throughout the world.

But do you have any idea what benefits are hidden in this root? They are many! And today we want to share with ginger health benefits that you integrate into your life.

Ginger consumption facilitates the absorption of nutrients from food. In fact, it promotes the essential compounds where they arrive.

ginger health benefits

On the other hand, if you have no appetite a little fresh ginger before lunch can help with honors.

If you’re traveling with your family and always tide, next time will no longer be so. Before the trip packs a piece of ginger and if you want to add a little honey, and then chew it and you’re done, you will not have to worry about. Continue reading Ginger health benefits, and know them all?

Here are five vague signs of cancer experts recommend not ignore

The ovarian cancer and cervical cancer are two of the diseases that attack women. In fact ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer among females. Hence the importance of knowing both how to prevent them, as the early warning symptoms.

And it is that according to medical experts at the Cleveland Clinic, many of the symptoms of ovarian and cervical cancers are vague or similar to those of other conditions, so they can reach easily ignored.


Here are 5 vague signs of cancer that you should not ignore, Miriam AlHilli, obstetrician gynecologist said medical institution said that in the presence of either of them should immediately seek medical advice.

No. 5 Vaginal bleeding after menopause

If you entered the menopause, but you have (or have had) some “strange” bleeding you should go to review, because 10% of cases of postmenopausal fluid are linked to endometrial cancer or cervical.

No. 4 Pelvic Pain

Although for many women the pain in the pelvic area has grown to become something “common” however have persistent discomfort, gas, indigestion, bloating and cramping is something that may indicate the presence of cancer in the ovary, says AlHilli.
No. 3 Abnormal vaginal bleeding before menopause

Any bleeding that is beyond what you consider normal for your period, such as lasting longer, which is present after sex or between periods, may be a warning of the presence of endometrial or cervical cancer.

No. 2 Gain or unexpected weight loss

It is known that women with ovarian cancer, increase or drop kilos for various reasons. The size of the tumor and the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen are factors indicate AlHilli. If you notice any changes in your weight (and not’re dieting) you should see a doctor.

# 1 Do not be hungry

The expert says that developing ovarian cancer may lead women to have no appetite, this as a result of the impacts of tumor metabolism. The moment you notice that you are leaving to eat or just do not get hungry, go to a doctor.

The purpose of share you these signs of cancer is not alarmed and frightened by live cause any discomfort, however remember that information is power. And it’s always better to be alert and see a doctor, that mourns an ending that could have been avoided.

Here are 5 things you should never give your breasts

Many girls want to look some amazing breasts and sometimes resorted to techniques such as makeup, to achieve that purpose; however there are some things that can permanently damage them.

According to Bruce Katz, a dermatologist and director of JUVA Skin & Laser Center , techniques such as using Kim Kardashian (use tape rubber) to lift your bust, are not a good idea because they can trigger a nasty skin reaction .

“(When using cintha) can irritate skin and cause a skin reaction, especially around the nipples, which are particularly sensitive. You could even develop an allergy to substances of these adhesives and eczema end up breaking every time they are used, “he explains.

For you to avoid falling into these health problems, then we present another 4 things you should not give your breasts never (or stop now if you already do).

inject Botox

Although it is a technique that many girls believe it is good to lift the breasts, according to several specialists of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons does not really work. And does not help against sagging, on the contrary, it contributes to the fall.

Put them in running the wrong bra

A lace bra or you use to do yoga can work well to look attractive, but does not provide enough support your chest needs when you run. Do this exercise with inadequate bra can generate the breakdown of connective tissue in the breast, causing sagging. Hence the importance of using a special sports bra.

Use with a piercing

No matter how fashion is and that artists do, put a pierced nipples (or other area) increases up to 10 times the risk of developing an abscess (painful infection) filled with pus, according to a study by the University of Iowa .

Not to mention you could be allergic to the metal with which the piercings are made and develop rash perforated zone or hepatitis B if the instruments with which you place it are not well disinfected.

Depilarlos wax

You might see vellitos around your nipples do not pleasing, however depilarlos wax is not a good idea. This can cause painful burns, says Dr. Katz; in extreme cases the scars that are formed by a bad process, are really unsightly.

Now that you know the risks these things mean for the health of your breasts, you never even think them.